Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello New Friends! It's me!

Hello new friend! Thank you for finding me on the internet. You must be someone who is looking for new ideas for your little ones. I like you already. I hope you will like me too.  I’m Michelle, and I’m awesome at doing fun things*.  I like to make magic things happen. I’m exactly like the Wizard of Oz, except that by Wizard, I mean “Mom”, and by “Oz” I mean Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Oh, and by magic, I mean mind-blowing from the perspective of a small person with limited understanding of how anything works yet, including space, time, and object permanence. That makes it easier.

I love to read, and I’m a proud holder of a Halifax Regional Library Card. I’m especially interested in the topics of Childhood Development, Psychology, Neurology, Pedagogy, and genetic epistemology. I’m also interested in supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness, and antidisestablishmentarianism. Maybe not really those last two, but I read the sentence before it, decided it sounded pretentious, and I decided to make it worse.

In addition to being a Mom I’m also a human person (be nice, trolls!), an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), a photographer with a Bachelor of Photography (BFA), and most recently a member of the internet!!! I have worked for a Public Daycare and for a private care-giving firm, and at present I run a small home-based daycare.

I have a daughter who was born in 2011, and for the purposes of this blog I will call her Blue. This blog not about Blue; although she will be a feature in it. Chances are you have your own little ones and they are the centre of your universe.  So what I’m NOT trying to do is to prattle on about my own kid and adorable stuff she said, because your time is valuable and reading about specific kids doesn’t necessarily help you decide what to do with yours. Instead my aim is to try out lots of new things, with Blue’s help, and together we’ll figure out what things might be fun for other little ones to try. A few things will be classic activities or those found on Pinterest (what did we ever do without it?) but I’m also hoping to generate some new ideas, and also give information that will be of local interest to fellow Haligonians.

I also hope to weigh in on some popular topics of discussion, and maybe even have a good rant or two. You might not agree with me on every topic. But people tend to read things that affirm their biases, so if you disagree with me, this blog might not be for you. In that case you should find another blog that is able to assure you that everything you already know is right.  That way you won’t have to change your perspective, which will be easier for you.
Happy reading! 

*Legal Disclaimer: I have very few academic credentials in the field of awesomeness or the study of fun things. Ask your doctor before having too much fun.

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